We live and love our craft: printing. We process each print project individually and entirely according to your wishes. We can print for you on our traditional offset machines or on the faster digital printing machines. Whether on paper or cardboard, in smallest quantities starting with just one copy or up to tens or hundreds of thousands copies, everything is possible. 


  • Flyers, business cards, letterhead, labels
  • Stickers, tickets, discount cards, coupons
  • Postcards, leaflets, birthday cards, Christmas cards
  • Booklets, books
  • Folders, blocks, posters, packaging
  • and much more, in all shapes and colors and on any paper of your choosing

We offer high quality processing of printed products including:

  • Creasing and folding of leaflets
  • Wire stitching, thread stitching and perfect binding of brochures or books in soft or hard cover
  • Wire-O binding or ring binding of catalogs or calendars
  • Punching and lasering
  • Finishing with UV coating, foil or blind embossing
  • Individualized or personalized print products with texts, signatures, images, layouts, bar codes and QR codes, etc.

Additional services

  • Storage. Short-term but also long-term storage of your print products
  • You are welcome to make an appointment with us for press proofing
  • Express production with same day or next day delivery
  • All type of packaging
  • Shipping of your products, including postage and shipping cost optimization by our shipping service providers

Consultation and free data check

With over 30 years of experience we can provide you with expert advice on all printing issues throughout the entire printing process. You can and should also get to know us personally – we are very happy to take time for you here on site. Your data will be checked by us for printability to achieve the best possible result for you.

Voucher area
For many years, we have also specialized in vouchers of all kinds and in all quantities. In 2023, we therefore opened a separate voucher area and can offer you the following services, among others:

  • Production of vouchers, including conceptualization and graphic design
  • Code generation and management
  • Finishing and wrapping of vouchers, e.g. paper boxes for your vouchers
  • Packaging and storage
  • Dispatch of the vouchers to your B2B and B2C customers
  • Online store fulfillment

CO2 neutral printing ‘made in Berlin’

We have been producing directly in Berlin for over 30 years and use only environmentally friendly inks and auxiliary materials. You have the option to select from a wide range of FSC-certified grades papers. The principle of climate-neutral printing means that the CO2 emissions generated as a result of the printing process can be offset by saving the same amount elsewhere. For you as the customer, this means that you pay an offset levy which is used directly to support a climate protection project of your choice. The amount of this levy depends on the type and scope of your order. For this purpose we work together with our partner Climatepartner, who selects projects of this kind worldwide and guarantees that your contribution will benefit the chosen project.

Our production facilities are a blend of old and new - innovation meets experience